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Health Professions Education Certificate Online Image - Medical Nurse, Physician, and Pharmacist Consult

A 9-Credit Online Certificate Program for Healthcare Professionals

The University of Connecticut’s (UConn’s) online graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education prepares an interprofessional audience of early to mid-career clinicians and leaders for careers in health professions education. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to evaluate, plan, and implement educational activities and programs for all levels of education — undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education — in the health professions.

Health Professions Education Certificate Online - Health Center Medical Nurse, Physician, Pharmacist, and Administrator

This three course cohort based program can be completed in one year. Coursework includes directed readings, short written assignments, and synchronous and asynchronous discussions. No in-person meetings are required. Each course also involves an individualized project, which we encourage to be workplace based. This allows participants to develop or critique an actual program relevant to their organization or career. UConn welcomes interprofessional teams to take these courses together and to work on joint projects, if desired.

After completing UConn’s Certificate in Health Professions Education, participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the purposes of formative and summative evaluation from the perspective of evaluation science
  • Describe the limitations of educational assessment as a form of summative evaluation from the perspective of adult learning
  • Identify important subjective and objective sources of information relevant to a needs assessment of health care professionals
  • Defend a multifaceted educational program to change clinician behavior or to improve patient outcomes using adult learning principles and evidence-based educational practices
  • Develop an explicit rationale for sequencing a multifaceted educational program using needs assessment information and adult learning principles
  • Appraise the merits of learning preferences as a tool to plan an educational activity for health care professionals using adult learning principles
  • Analyze the different facets of experience as part of an educational philosophy for health care professionals
  • Evaluate the role of interaction as an evidence-based strategy to promote learning and behavior change
  • Develop strategies for transforming the conventional lecture into a more effective educational tool
  • Utilize classroom discussions as a means of engaging students in critical but democratic dialogue

Participants must have a Masters or Doctoral degree to apply. All courses are taught by Thomas J. Van Hoof, M.D., Ed.D., associate professor at the UConn School of Nursing and the UConn School of Medicine.

The next cohort begins in fall 2017. The fall application deadline is Friday, June 30th. Apply now to avoid last minute processing delays.